Database powered apps

Flexible Custom Modules to power your site
Your website needs to work for you and engage your customers. With Custom modules we can build custom applications that pull data from the database and display it dynamically in a wide range of views ranging from list views, javascript driven sliders and displays as well as detail views. The beauty of this, is that once the templates are built, you can easily manage them all with out needing to know any code. Simply fill out the admin form to create, edit, and delete entries. You can also easily manage SEO per listing as well as Open Graph Elements for social sharing.
Custom Web Applications Custom Properties Simple management of content

Unlimited Possibilities

Examples of Web apps
While there is almost no limit to how these can be used, we often use them for Sliders, Staff / Trainers / or other personnel listings, services, recipes, menus, portfolio, testimonials, and so much more. Basically anything that maintains a fairly consistent data set can be built in to a list view which will link to a detail view. When the data is used as well in sliders or other graphical elements, we can easily create additional views with service side logic to quickly deliver the content in an effective view for your audience.

Short Video Walkthrough

Check out the short video on Custom Modules
This video gives you a quick look and explanation of how this powerful feature can be used to build website interactions with your customers. You can also extend your site with features for internal employee use. The end result is making your website an integral functional piece of your business.

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