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Setting up a 1 hour discover call is free. It gives us time to discuss where you are and if we are a good fit to help you with your online goals and overall digital presence.
If at the end of the conversation you are excited to get started, we can set up next steps and get underway. Otherwise, we can part friends and you have "that web guy" you can always call later when you are ready to do more.
Here are some topics we will cover in the call:

Responsive Design

Whether your primary audience is mobile or desktop, the design should be responsive to all sizes and layout considerations, should always take this in to account.


Website Content and Features

We will work on a complete sitemap to determine each page, section, application and function to understand how they help engage with customers and work towards the business goals.


SEO & Local Search

We will want to discuss your SEO Goals and if local search and citations are valuable to your business so we can include them in the scope as well as the site content plans.



From landing pages, to email marketing, social media and more, it is important to understand how all of the digital tools are being used in your marketing plan.



In all things, we need to keep your target audience in mind. So it is critical we define them so we know how to help you reach them.



In order to prioritize features, we need to establish a budget so we can maximize the initial investment and maybe grow in to larger goals over time.

Pricing Estimates - Website Design & Development

The pricing below helps you understand the ranges for various size projects. Specific pricing will be provided in the formal proposal/agreement once we settle on scope, features, and technical requirements.

Small Sites &
Lead Funnels

$1.5K - $4K

Payment Terms:

50% deposit to start

50% balance to go live



$3K - $8K

Payment Terms:

50% deposit to start

50% balance to go live



$7K - $15K

Payment Terms:

50% deposit to start

50% balance to go live



$12K - $25K

Payment Terms:

50% deposit to start

25% at +30 days

25% balance to go live

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