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Prices shown are annual cost. You can upgrade or downgrade at anytime to access additional features.


per Year

  • check Base plan includes Pages, Menus, blog, forms, photo galleries, FAQs, & Banners
  • check CRM and MailChimp Integration
  • check 3 Admin Users
  • check 3 Email Accounts


per Year

  • check Starter Plan + Custom Modules, Workflow Management
  • check Events (with responsive calendar)
  • check 5 Admin Users
  • check 5 Email Accounts


per Year

  • check Essentials + advanced custom modules, advanced CRM and custom workflows
  • check Secure Zones
  • check 10 Admin Users
  • check 10 Email Accounts


per Year

  • check Business + full eCommerce functionality with Online Store, Paid forms, recurring payments
  • check Seamless Payment Gateways
  • check Unlimited Admin Users
  • check 10 Email Accounts

dns All Hosting Plans include

  • Online, fully responsive CMS admin panel for making website updates.
  • WYSIWYG editor and file Manager within console.
  • Visual in-context editor (nICE).
  • Advanced admin search.
  • Liquid Engine.
  • Mailchimp integration of mailing lists.
  • CRM Contacts and Form Submission cases kept in CMS.
  • FTP Access and URL redirects engine.
  • Automatic XML sitemap for search engine crawling.
  • Dedicated SSL certificate with 128bit encryption via Let's Encrypt.*
  • CMS hosted in Amazon US Data Centre (AU, Canada & EU data centre available).
  • 3 Administrators to access and update your site.
  • 1GB Storage and 50GB of bandwidth per month.
  • Google Analytics feed and reporting functionality.**
  • Access to support resources.

Highlighted Features By Plan

Check out some of the highlights for each plan below. If you depend on a specific feature, it can determine the proper plan. Otherwise, check out some of the features you can grow in to as your business expands.

These Key features are in additional to all of the included features listed above. Also listed are the number of admin users as well as the number of hosted email accounts included which is a huge savings over paying for gmail or other solutions.

Key Features: Build dynamic sites with Pages, Page Templates, Menu Manager, Snippets for centrally controlled content used in various areas of your site, Forms with Autoresponders with Liquid for conditional logic, built in modules like FAQs, Events, Banners, as well as Galleries and Sliders. Even though this is our lowest level plan, it provides powerful integrated features in an easy to manage and responsive admin interface.

You can upgrade to higher levels at any time to take advantage of other features when you are ready.

Plan Includes: 3 Admin users and 3 hosted email accounts.

Key Features: Our Essentials plan expands on the features of the Starter plan allowing you to set admin user custom menus. This allows you to give someone limited access to specific areas of the admin only.

It also includes Basic Custom Modules, which is a POWERFUL feature allowing custom applications to be built with flexible layout templates using liquid server side code. Once built, these are easily managed through an admin form style layout allowing them to be managed with out the need for coding knowledge. This is such a flexible feature it is almost essential, thus the title of this hosting package.

Other features added to this level are workflow management on forms as well as customizable columns in the admin.

Plan Includes: 5 Admin users and 5 hosted email accounts.

Key Features: Our Business plan expands on the features of both the Starter and Essentials plan by adding Secure Zones. This feature is critical in creating secure sections of your site for either employee or internal use as well as customer restricted content. It also adds Payable Events and Forms so you can create subscriptions to those secure zones.

As mentioned above, it also adds payment forms for events module with a responsive calendar to list any type of event you choose. Webinar, conference, Auditions / Try-outs and more. It can be used to easily manage sign ups and payments without the need for a plug in or 3rd party service.

In order to handle payments - integrated payment gateways are also included with this plan as well as an advanced CRM to manage users. This is our most popular plan for customers who do not need an online store.

Plan Includes: 10 Admin users and 10 hosted email accounts.

Key Features: Our Pro plan is the best value overall as it includes all features available in the CMS including a full e-commerce package.

With Products, Catalogs, Discount Code & Gift Vouchers, Tax Codes, Shipping and related & recurring products, custom attributes, inventory management, and SEO, you can set up shop online easily and with unlimited flexibility in layouts and design. Combined with the Advanced settings for system modules, you have powerful features to help you engage with your customers and track conversions to improve their experience.

Whether through built in modules or proper API integration, the goal here is to give you a central platform to manage your digital solutions. The Pro plan delivers!

Plan Includes: Unlimited Admin users and 10 hosted email accounts.

Extras or Add-Ons

For any level of plan, if you need more resources you can easily add them a-la-carte as you grow. The resources provided per plan are already some of the best bargains out there when packaged with the features and performance of the CMS. However sometimes, as we expand our business, we all need just a little more.

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