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Mailchimp - Customer Journeys

Due to the API integration with our CMS, we lean on Mailchimp to power the email marketing for our customers. While the free plan offers amazing email marketing tools for you to 2000 contacts, it has been limited in the automation side of things and other competitors like Active Campaign... Read More

Released:27 August 2020

What is Local SEO and the 3-pack?

What is Local SEO?SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization and it refers to both the structure of your website as well as the focus on content around critical keywords and phrases as it is part of what search engines examine when ranking you in search results. As the... Read More

Released:10 August 2020

What are Chat Bots?

Intro to Chatbots & Conversational Marketing There are a few definitions depending on how technical you get. As far back as in 1966 there was work conducted using artificial intelligence (AI) that could be considered a chatbot as it mimicked human behavior for psychotherapy. But in today’s world, a simpler... Read More

Released:31 July 2020

How to use the nICE editor

In many areas of our CMS, we try to provide the power needed to build out your site with functions and features powerful enough to drive your business online. However, we know that our day to day customers need it to be simple to manage as well. When it is... Read More

Released:17 July 2020

Website Accessibility - and why you need to consider it!

While I have always been aware of it, and worked to make sites compliant,  our client needed us to step up to ensure we had them properly covered. That was when we learned about the serious implications of not being compliant, and how helping our client be successful, was also... Read More

Released:12 July 2020

Welcome to

Welcome to For nearly 20 years I have been working as a freelancer doing web work and more for a wide range of clients and all of that work was under FONdesigns. That name came from my previous business which was a paintball pro shop and international news website... Read More

Released: 8 July 2020